Committee Rosters

Faculty Grievance Committee

The Officers of the Faculty Grievance Committee for the 2008-09 academic year are Dr. William Flora (Chair), and Dr. Mary Atwell (Vice Chair).

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TitleFirst NameLast NameHandleRankCollegeDepartment
Dr.Mary W.AtwellmatwellProfCHBSCriminal Justice
Dr.Tod W.BurketburkeProfCHBSCriminal Justice
Dr.Mary HopeGibsonmgibsonProfCHHSNursing
Dr.Lucy E.HochsteinlhochsteiAssocProfCHBSCriminal Justice
Dr.Donald C.SamsondsamsonProfCHBSEnglish
Dr.Neil P.SigmonnpsigmonAssocProfCSATMath and Stat
Mr.Wesley A.YoungwyoungAssocProfCVPATheatre and Cinema