Committee Rosters

Faculty Appeals Committee

The Officers of the Faculty Appeals Committee for the 2009-10 academic year are Dr. Chris Hermann (Chair) and Dr. Doug Brinckmann (Vice Chair).

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TitleFirst NameLast NameHandleRankCollegeDepartment
Dr.Ellen C.BirxebirxProfCHHSNursing
Dr.Douglas E.BrinckmandbrinckmAssocProfCOBEAcctg Fin and Bus Law
Dr.Holly L.ClinehclineAssocProfCVPAInt Design and Fashion
Dr.Eric H.Du PlessisehduplesProfCHBSForeign Lang and Lit
Dr.PatriciaEasterling VaccareeasterlingAssocProfCEHDEducation
Dr.JuergenGerlachjgerlachProfCSATMath and Stat
Dr.Christine K.F.HermannchermannProfCSATChemistry
Dr.Robert W.HiltonsmithbhiltonsProfCHBSPsychology
Dr.MargaretHrezomhrezoProfCHBSPolitical Science
Dr.Stephen S.OwenssowenAssocProfCHBSCriminal Justice